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Poker Blog established in 2003 as the first stop for poker news, poker stories, and bad poker advice.

May 17, 2006

How to win WWdN

by G-Rob

You know, I've won Wil's tourney 3 times now. I own it. There have been times, rare Tuesday evenings, when I allow other players to donk their way to victory but I am to WWdN what great hair is

Want to know the secret? Want to know how I master this event?

Here's my advice to you:

Be much better at poker than anyone else in the tournament.

Failing that, close your eyes an Puuuuuuush.

For me, winning tournaments is a lot like giving birth.


Tonight Blood, TheMark, and I are playing somewhere. Either $200NL at the underground rake or a homegame at Mark's. We'll see.

Either way, I'm taking notes.

That's right.


And if you thing Pauly's excellent coverage of real poker events is compelling...well...this will be only slightly less so.

Actually, much less so. But I hope to learn something from the notes. And, God knows, you may learn how much of a donkey I really am.


CJ had a neat post a few days back called, "YOU CALLED WITH THAT?" I can relate. I think the biggest posts I've lost lately have been hands in which I correctly read my opponents holding, felt certain they couldn't call a big bet, and then lost when that certainty crumbles.

Some examples:

1. At theMark's last Thursday we're playing $100NL

I have AQo and the flop is Jack high with 3 clubs. I check and my opponent, a fairly passive but loose player bets about half the pot.

I call because I'm absolutely certain he's hit the flop but doesn't have the flush and I plan to steal the pot later. I figure my play certainly represents a possible flush or Ace of clubs draw.

The turn brings my Q for top pair. I bet about half the pot and he calls.

The river is a 10 of clubs. I don't HAVE a club but my opponent actually says, "Jeez" when the 4th club hit and I know he hates his hand, probably 2 pair or a flopped set. I bet the pot.

He thinks for a long time. At least I thought he was thinking. Turns out he didn't see me bet and was just waiting for me to act. He's a very attentive player. When I pointed to my bet, he insta-called.

Sure enough. Two pair. No clubs.

I was stunned by the call.

2. Same game, this is my last hand of the night.

A player to my left flops the flush with 3 hearts (the highest is a 10). I flopped a set. I bet and he calls. The turn is a brick. I bet and he calls. The river? ANOTHER HEART.

My opponent, not the same guy but another "Oh DAMMIT!" and it's clear his flush sucks. I push all in for $105 into an $85 pot. He thinks. And calls.

He did, in fact, flop the flush. It was jack high.

I didn't think he could call.

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