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Poker Blog established in 2003 as the first stop for poker news, poker stories, and bad poker advice.

August 30, 2006

Mad No-Max (Part 1)

by Otis

Wil Wheaton and I weren't holding hands, but it was appearing more and more as if we were on a date. Absinthe walked beside us, eying us as if we had morphed from his drinking buddies into a pair of lovers.

Me? Well, I was just lost. I'd spent my day off playing cheap mixed games with friends and then folding to a non-cash in Caesar's nightly 7pm tourney. When I finished, everyone else was either still playing or gone. Except for Wil and Ryan, who insisted I have gelato from the Italian joint in the Fourm Shops. Wil bought my pistachio dessert and made things better, if a little more on the "light in the loafers" side of the sidewalk.

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August 25, 2006

A bit on Jay Greenspan

by Otis

The halls surrounding the WSOP Amazon Ballroom were teeming with so many bad beat stories, if each one of the story tellers had paid his dollar, I could've bought my way into the main event. I tried not to stay in the hallways for too long, lest I start believing that poker was just a game that required not getting beat badly.

But I had to pee, and I had yet to find a private bathroom where bad beat stories weren't allowed.

That's when I ran into a flushed-faced Jay Greenspan.

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August 22, 2006

Snickers for Wil Wheaton

by Otis

It's in the middle of the night--not to mention the middle of the week--in downtown Las Vegas and I get the sense that if a cinematographer was looking for a post-apocalyptic movie set, he would choose the emptiness under the Fremont Street Experience. I am the only one breathing within earshot and I'm breathing hard. The 2:00am Binion's tournament starts in two minutes and I am nowhere near the tournament room. Wil Wheaton is hungry--starving maybe--and on the verge of homicidal low blood sugar madness. My brother, Dr. Jeff, would say this low blood sugar shit is for the birds, but at the moment I'm not listening to Dr. Jeff. I'm listening to Wheaton, who needs a sandwich. Or peanuts. Or a bag of sugar.

On the Strip, I could've wandered into Fat Burger and picked up something greasy to soil Wheaton's cards. Instead, there's nothing. Nobody is breathing. There are no hookers, no strip club denizens, no hustlers. For a moment, I longed for a New Orleans Lucky Dog vendor. Wheaton would never eat it, but it would be a good way to tilt him.

No, I've made it my mission--as a friend, as a fanboy, as the primary reason we'd ended up in a Stephen King version of Las Vegas at 2am--to make sure Wheaton survives long enough to actually compete for the last longer bet we've made with Absinthe and Spaceman.

The only problem is, Stephen King didn't write a diner into this zombie movie and I have a tournament to play.

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August 21, 2006

My grandpa

by Otis

There is a story about my grandpa that could very easily fit on this page. Instead, because it is more personal than poker, I wrote it on my other blog. If you're at all interested, feel free to read Grandpa was a Gambler.

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August 20, 2006

Looking For Investors

by Luckbox

Boy Genius and I are ready to hit it big. We've been practicing our handicapping, making the appropriate sacrifices to the gods of luck and rebuilding our Pick 6 strategy. That means now is the time, and we need your help.

We're looking for those willing to put a small part of their bankroll on the line for a chance to hit it big. We are going to make a big Pick 6 bet at Arlington Park in about two weeks (not this coming weekend, but next weekend).

What do you have to do? Not much. All you have to do is put up $50 (we may do half shares for $25, too). BG and I will do all the hard work. The potential payoff is in six figures if we hit all six, and more than a grand if we hit just five.

So, if you want in, just drop me an email, or leave a comment here. I'll pass on all the details as we get closer.

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August 18, 2006

So this guy says..."Would you like $700?"

by G-Rob

The "Spring Hotel" is like most underground games, with that cheap homegame air and the same rotating roster of players. They rake 5% of every pot with no cap. They give us free pizza from some non-National chain and offer as much Sprite as we can pissibly drink. The same dealer is always there and at least half of the table is always players I know well. Most of them are middle class types, cable installers, construction foremen, and small scale contractors. They're uniformly awful at poker.

I've made a helluva living at the Spring Hotel. I've finally become the guy the other players talk about, the ringer in the room, which suits my agressive style just fine. Most of the time it's pretty standard stuff, but I thought you, dear reader, would get a kick outta last night.

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August 17, 2006

Another Worthy Cause

by Luckbox

WPT photographer Paul Hannum died suddenly during the WSOP when his appendix burst. I did not know him personally, but from what I've heard from others, he will be missed in the poker world.

The lovely Jen from Absolute Poker alerted me to a charity tournament being hosted by one of our favorites, Gavin Smith:

When: Tuesday August 29th, 7pm
Where: Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, CA (during the WPT Legends of Poker)
Buy In: $1,000 (play for prizes, money goes to charity)

UPDATE: Prizes Announced!!

FIRST PRIZE: 25K Seat WPT Championship Event at the Bellagio

SECOND PRIZE: Paradise Poker Conquest Prize Package (May 12-18th, 2007 Atlantis Resort, Bahamas which includes $5200 seat to the Conquest of Paradise Island Main event, 6 nights accommodations at Atlantis, plus $1K cash to your Paradise account)

THIRD PRIZE: Seat into the WPT Invitational

If you are interested in playing, email Kristin Cranford at this email address: kristin -@-

All the proceeds will go to Paul's fiancee Sarah Percey and their unborn baby girl who's due in October. If you can't get to the tournament and still want to donate, you can go to the Baby Hannum website.

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August 15, 2006

Escaping Las Vegas

by Otis

The girl had piercings where momma wouldn't have liked them. She sucked on vodka and Red Bulls and stacked ceramic poker chips in front of her. She had seven blue Palms chips and an absent button on the table's racetrack. And she looked like she wanted to ride the spikey-haired kid beside her until the sun rose over the Nevada desert.

"I don't know about you," Wil said to the kid, "but if she were looking at me the way she's looking at you, I wouldn't be playing poker right now."

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August 12, 2006


by G-Rob

Part 2 of the 4... yes 4! ...part series is below. Part 1 and Part 3 are posted on BadBlood on Poker.

Lessie shall we. Where did I leave off? You know, I'm checking online now for some supersavers to Oslo. Does Delta go there? Is it a connection in Atlanta? I could live in Norway for 18 months (that's exactly 1 winter) and then retire in my 30s.


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August 9, 2006


by G-Rob

For part one of our very silly tale, check out BadBlood on Poker.

I was already having a pretty good trip and had just added a fairly nice buzz. I'd done OK at the $500max NL game that afternoon, then busted in a tourney, then bought in for $1000 at the $2/$5NL table. The one good thing about Caesars, the players are just as bad but the buyins are bigger. It's good vibes all around.

I was up about $400 at that table when a very excited Otis sidled up to my left. You can tell when Otis is excited because his eyes go wide. Really wide. At the moment, I had a full 3d panorama of his entire eye sphere. Very good or very bad news coming...

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August 1, 2006

Win This Truck (Hottie Not Included)

by Luckbox

Two lucky Vegas vacationers had a chance to skip their flight home, if they felt like driving instead. Absolute Poker capped off their WSOP 2006 Expo experience by giving away a Dodge Truck and a Dodge Charger. It was simple, apparently. You get your hands on a ping pong ball and they let you try to open the door and start the car. The person with the right key wins. They gathered quite a crowd.

To kick things off, Absolute sent some random guy and a hottie in the back of the truck. I just wish I had gotten a better picture.

Things nearly erupted into a riot, however, when random guy announced there were six no shows and the hottie would toss ping pong balls into the crowd. I thought someone was going to die (I'd like to formally apologize to the elderly woman with the walker).

I wasn't able to stick around until the end, but Jen promised she'd let me know how it turned out. Either way, someone won some new wheels. I think I'd have fought a little harder for the ping pong ball if the hottie would have been part of the prize.

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