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Poker Blog established in 2003 as the first stop for poker news, poker stories, and bad poker advice.

December 30, 2003

Palpitations, etc

by Otis

In the laid back, boxer shorts-wearing, beer-sipping, belly-button lint-picking world of online poker there's not a lot to get a low limit player's blood pumping anymore. After you play your first hundred no-limit tourneys, after you win a few and lose a few, after you jump up in limits before you should, you finally hit just about every situation worth breathing heavy over. It's about that time you start finding a little more interest in the boobies section of

And then you finally hit a hand where it gets a little exciting.

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I'm All In

by Staff

As some of you may or may not know my twin brother runs and is the major contributor to this site. It was CJ that inspired and sparked my interest-- no, no... check that, my obsession with No Limit Texas Hold-em. It started innocently...

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December 23, 2003

Poker Blogs

by Luckbox

Is there a faster growing segment of the blogosphere than poker? Okay, perhaps I'm exaggerating. There are probably 1000 political blogs that launch each day compared to just one poker blog. But really, which would you rather read?

If you haven't been keeping up, we're up to 14 dedicated blogs over there in the "Better Hole Cards" column, and I'm always looking for more (I know there are more than 14 sites over there, but some aren't blogs). Please visit them and leave comments, they're all enjoyable reads. Besides, some of their bad runs will make you feel better!

Also, if you know of another blog out there, please leave it in the comments, and if you'd like to be a contributor here at Up For Poker, leave a comment or e-mail me (it's over there under "Get in the Game"). And as always, thanks for visiting!

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December 18, 2003

Lessons Learned

by Staff

A few of the lessons I've learned during my five or so costly years of poker apprenticeship, some from those far wiser than myself, others which dawned on me as I watched my chips being pushed far away from me. Enjoy.

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A Good Night

by Luckbox

It started out poorly. I played terribly in a $20+2 ten person SNG. I busted out in 9th place. And it was an ugly bust out. I played poorly. Next was a $10+1 ten person SNG and it was going poorly. Somehow I caught some cards and managed third place, $20. I also doubled up at the .10-.25 NLHE table, $12 profit.

But the big one was the $30+3 six person SNG. Finished first, running roughshod over the other 5. (One guy accused me and 2nd place of colluding.) I took home $126 there. That's $66 spent, and $158 won for a profit of $92 in just an hour.

Feeling so good, thought I'd stay up and post some interesting hands from recent play:

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December 13, 2003

Playing For Pay

by Luckbox

Some people play poker to make a living. If they're just barely good enough, they'll grind out a living like Knish in Rounders. If they're really good, they won't have to think about working another day in their life.

Two independant filmmakers have had a little trouble finding financial backing to make their movie. The solution? How about some tournament poker?

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December 10, 2003

Patience Can't Last

by Luckbox

A week ago, I posted a tourney played by Otis that was a bit of a roller coaster. Shortly before that, I played a tourney that was more of a steady climb to the edge of a cliff. I made it to the final table and faced a crucial decision.

My patience paid off over about 200 hands, and then in a moment I would rally or crumble. There's a fine line there when you're sitting at the final table.

There were 136 players and the entry fee was $5. Enjoy. (Feel free to skip to Break 1, Break 2 or the Final Table, all are in bold.)

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December 7, 2003

A Chip and a Chair?

by Staff

I'm not sure why it took me ten years to wonder if there was anything wrong with this classic poker story, but anyway...

The most famous line with regards to poker tournaments is "If you have a chip and a chair you can win," usually shortened to "A chip and a chair." The line was spoken by Jack "Treetop" Straus, who engineered perhaps the most famous World Series of Poker comeback in history.

One of the most famous stories about the world championship was the way the late, great Jack Straus had won the title in 1982. He had fought his way back starting from a single $500 chip, which he had found under his cigarette pack. He had won the blinds, played it up, doubled through, and by good fortune and good judgment come right back into the event. David Spanier: The Hand I Played: A Poker Memoir
Now, I've heard this story quite a few times, but for some reason one question has never before occurred to me: how do you get left with just one chip?

Play Online Poker
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December 3, 2003

The Lemming Effect

by Otis

What most television networks don't understand is that occasionally a lemming will sprout wings and fly.

It happened last year when the Travel Channel started its World Poker Tour Series. It's ending in a little network lemming bloodbath below the summit of Poker Mountain.

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Suckout vs. Bad Beat

by Staff

I'd like to introduce a new feature here at UfP, with the help of the extremely cool Poker Hand Analyzer at All poker sessions are a mixture of the lucky and unlucky, but which was more powerful? I'm going to compare my worst bad beat of a session with my biggest suckout and see which was the bigger miracle.

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December 2, 2003

The Roller Coaster of a Tourney

by Luckbox

Otis had quite a ride on Ultimate Bet last night. He played in a $30 tourney that had 176 entrants. First prize was more than $1000.

Sometimes you get the cards, and sometimes you don't. Sometimes it's back-and-forth, hand-to-hand. It's the kind of night Otis had.

From the moutain top to the valley and back again. The only thing I'll give away is that cowboys played an awfully big role!

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December 1, 2003

The "Hole-Card" Cam

by Staff

I guess first and foremost, my post here means that I can impress people at parties by telling them that I am in fact, a published author. Actually, I'm not sure if internet blogs count as "being published". If it does, well hell, I guess at this point most people are published authors. Oh well, in true poker player form, always looking for that edge, no matter how slight.

Anyhoo, in the comments for CJ's "Television Explosion" post, Wil (Yes THE Wil) brought up the "hole-card" cam and the impact it may have on the pros whose cards we all get to see.

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