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Poker Blog established in 2003 as the first stop for poker news, poker stories, and bad poker advice.

March 15, 2009

Poker's frequently asked questions on Google

by Otis

Remember that time you four-bet pre-flop with aces, flopped your set, and got your opponent to get it all in? Remember when he shoved his chips in and then asked, "Do you have the ace?"

You probably thought, "What is this guy doing playing poker?"

We sometimes think the same thing about the search referrals we get here on the Up For Poker Blog.

Here are just a few recent questions that Google has thrown our way.

More in this Poker Blog! -->

March 5, 2009

Mastodon Weekend 2009 in video

by Otis

Nearly six years ago, we started blogging here as a way to write about our poker game. We played poker this past weekend, but the weekend was more about what you see in the video, as shot and edited by my brother, Dr. Jeff. In it, you will see rock and roll, mass debauchery, and gambling on rickshaw races. Not to mention degeneracy of the first, second, and third order. The video is posted here because everyone in the video and everybody else you don't see in the video met because of poker blogs.That is, in a word, sick. In another

RSS readers may have to click through to see the video

September 10, 2008

Five most memorable hands against poker bloggers

by Otis

Luckbox has been doing most of the heavy lifting in this fifth birthday of Up For Poker. I'm wrapped up in other activities right now, but couldn't let the time pass without a brief submission. Some of these are repeats, some are original, but all of them will stick in my memory as long as I'm playing.

More in this Poker Blog! -->

August 28, 2008

Poker blogs and why I like'em

by Otis

The world was on tilt.

We were in a field--a bivouac for souls simultaneously lost and found--under a Florida moon and looking at the world through glasses you can't buy on eBay. We were headed for shelter, a place where we would gamble but never once open a deck of cards. Gambling was as inevitable as morning, but the method was a matter of choice. It would become a test of endurance, of will, of sheer stupidity.

More in this Poker Blog! -->

August 22, 2008

Scotty Nguyen: Same as he ever was

by Otis

I've received a lot of good feedback about an observation I made a couple of weeks ago regarding the change in WSOP coverage at ESPN. That observation became even more pronounced when we saw Scotty Nguyen's performace at this year's HORSE event.

As Amy pointed out today, people were actually surprised at Nguyen being the bad boy. The surprised people are the people who don't get out much and know poker only from TV.

Let's all agree on something. At least half of the poker community is made up of people you wouldn't want to share a beer with. At least 75% of the poker community is made up of people you wouldn't want to bring home to Mom. In the poker world, the really good folks are the minority. TV can make anybody look good. It made Mike Tyson look like a bootstrapping Horatio Alger story until the whole cannibalism thing. It made Michael Vick out to be one of the best quarterbacks of his time until the whole animal massacre thing. TV can make people what it wants. It made Scotty Nguyen into the Prince of Poker and now it's made him the town drunk.

Amy wrote a great piece a few years ago titled The Death Wish that gives you some decent insight into Nguyen before televised poker made him royalty. Everyone should read it. Especially those people who don't get to hang out in the Amazon Room and see poker people as they are for real.


July 29, 2008

The Nuts: N 82 50 24 / Nat Arem Blog

by Luckbox

Wonder how the Absolute Poker cheating scandal broke wide open?

Got a question about who was cheating players on Ultimate Bet?

Wonder why your page rank suddenly dropped from 3 to 0?

Curious as to who launched the poker database that tracks online tourneys and players?

If you do have these questions, that means you haven't been reading one of the most imformative poker blogs on the web. Nat Arem has been a poster on the 2+2 forums for a few years and was central to uncovering the Absolute Poker scandal. He has also played a role in investigating who may have been one of the cheating superusers at Ultimate Bet.

Nat Arem's blog is the latest edition of the The Nuts on Up For Poker. This is real journalism we're talking about. And since the G-Vegas crew has a bit of a journalistic background, we certainly appreciate poker bloggers who are willing to do the hard work for the rest of us.

So head on over and give him a read (if you're not already). And if any of you designers want to give him a hand, he's looking for someone to help him redesign his page. I think he's done enough for the online poker community that perhaps one of you talented people out there may want to help him out!


June 18, 2008

Before They Were Stars: Poker Blogs

by Luckbox

The past can be a funny thing. Remember your hair style circa 1987? For most of us, it's changed drastically. For the rest of us, we're GRob, and were born with the same hair we have today. What about what we were wearing? I don't even want to imagine what would happen if our high school year books were suddenly splashed on our blogs.

But it's not just how we look... it's what we write. These crazy poker blogs of ours have become written records. They show our growth, our pain, our naive nature. And much of it is good for a laugh...

More in this Poker Blog! -->

June 17, 2008

Remembering The WPBT Holiday Classic

by Luckbox

It was December 11th, 2004 when about 30 bloggers gathered in Vegas for a seminal moment in the explosion of poker blogging. None of us really knew what to expect and none of us were disappointed by what we found.

Many of the experiences were hard to describe, yet we spent thousands and thousands of words on dozens of blogs telling our handful of readers what they missed. By the time the next poker blogger event rolled around, our numbers had surged past 70. It wasn't long before we'd reach a peak above 100.

So why am I thinking about that weekend now?

More in this Poker Blog! -->

May 29, 2008

The Nuts: World Series of Poker Blogs

by Otis

You smell that don't you? It's a combination of stale coffee, body odor, and residual cigarette smoke. It's anticipation, fear, and desperation. It's the 2008 WSOP.

Even though it's going to take us a few weeks to get on the ground there, we here at the Up For Poker Blog are excited about our friends and colleagues who are already wheels down.

That's why, for the next several weeks, we are giving The Nuts award to the WSOP Blogs.

The people behind these blogs are the hardest working people in poker. They give us what we can't have: an inside look at the World Series reality.

We took a little time to collect a list of the people we'll be reading over the next several weeks. You'll find the entire list on our WSOP Blogs page. We'll keep it linked in The Nuts section on the left just in case you want to use it as your portal to all the World Series news you can stomach.

If we missed your blog, shoot us a note and we'll see about linking you up.


May 7, 2008

The Nuts: Hard-Boiled Poker

by Luckbox

The goal of "The Nuts" here at Up For Poker is to point you in the direction of a poker blog that should be at, or near, the top of your daily reading list. (Unless it's alphabetical, in which case our latest pick will fall somewhere in the middle.)

Hard-Boiled Poker has quickly become a must-read for the Up For Poker crew. Short-Stacked Shamus consistently delivers thoughtful musings on everything poker. He's a self-described micro-limit online player, but if great writing was his bankroll, he'd be sitting at the Big Game at Bellagio.

I'd suggest you check out his report on the UB cheating scandal, his thoughts on the future of PLO and his insightful conclusions on the WSOP final table delay.

If it's not on you blogroll, add it. If it's not in your RSS reader, add it. You won't be disappointed. Our latest edition of The Nuts: Hard-Boiled Poker.


April 28, 2008

The Nuts: Katitude

by Luckbox

Before entering Sunday night's Blogger Big Game, I decided whoever busted me would get to be the latest edition of Up For Poker's "The Nuts." I feel bad, because it was really Astin who crippled me. Short-stacked, I made my stand with A9o vs. his pocket 3s. Miami Don had also folded 3s on that hand. But, nonetheless, I lost the race (I forgot my running shoes and was 0-3 in races).

Down to just 78T, I was forced all-in out of the SB. My 89o never improved against Katitude's Q3o. And that was it. Out in 17th out of 46 runners. At least 17 is one of my lucky numbers.

But I digress... This is about "The Nuts." And "The Nuts" is Katitude does poker.

If you're not reading her, you should be. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't she invent the best of all the blogger tourneys, The Blogger Donkament? Is there a tourney better suited for poker bloggers than a $1 +$1, unlimited rebuys? It really harkens back to the days of micro-limit push-fests at the PokerStars tables.

For that alone, I'm proud to make Katitude does poker the latest entry in Up For Poker's "The Nuts."


March 24, 2008

"The Nuts" Is Back

by Luckbox

As I've alluded to before, changes are a-comin' to Up For Poker. Since our launch waaaaay back in September 2003, very little has changed here. We settled into our all-star roster of Otis, G-Rob and The Luckbox, added a third column to make a few bucks and that's about it.

For a short time, we included something called "The Nuts." It was a chance for us to highlight some interesting, but not-yet-widely-read blogs that deserved some attention. It disappeared, but we're bringing it back.

It was in October 2005 when we spied a little blog out of that cozy hamlet of Los Angeles. She called herself Change100.

More in this Poker Blog! -->

May 17, 2007

New Poker Blog Alert!

by Otis

Well, this evening I had one of those "Holy cow," moments. It came when I discovered a new poker collaborative poker blog, staffed by...get this...

Tony Holden, A. Alvarez, and Lee Jones, among others.

I've played and drank with Holden and am proud to call Lee a friend and colleague. Still haven't met Alvarez. Would probably make an ass of myself if I did.

Regardless, fire up your bloglines subscriptions and head to The Bigger Deal Blog.

Related: I received my copy of Holden's The Bigger Deal this week and plan to read it post haste. Of course, I had to thumb through the Monte Carlo section and see if my private game with Anonthy Holden made the cut. It did not, for which I am only moderately crushed. Okay, crushed.


November 16, 2006

Iggy's long demise

by Otis

Dr. Joseph Dolan: You know, it's a shame about Ed.
Fletch: Oh, it was. Yeah, it was really a shame. To go so suddenly like that.
Dr. Joseph Dolan: He was dying for years.
Fletch: Sure, but... the end was very... very sudden.
Dr. Joseph Dolan: He was in intensive care for eight weeks.
Fletch: Yeah, but I mean the very end, when he actually died. That was extremely sudden.


I was more than sincere in my writing yesterday, and I'll admit it was inspired by Iggy's decision to do whatever it is he's doing. That said, I think some folks are taking this a little far. If you haven't seen it, I'll let you decide. (Via You Tube, so RSS folks will have to click through. Sorry).


September 15, 2006

Old Blogger, New Poker Player

by Luckbox

Fellow Syracuse University alum Paul Katcher has been blogging since 2002. He also writes occasionally for ESPN Page 2, so you know he's got skillzzz. In fact, he's one of my favorite reads, and I highly recommend him for your bloglines.

Well, it seems Paul is becoming a bit of a poker blogger, as evidenced by his latest post "My First Week Playing Online Poker (For Real Money)." Go give it a read, if you've got a chance, but please be gentle. He's even got a few bad beat stories (he's not aware that he owes us all a dollar).

He also asked in his comments for some advice on where a low roller can get the most for his buck at the poker table. If you got suggestions for low limit playing or cheap buy-in tourneys, let him know!


October 27, 2005

She Is "The Nuts"

by Luckbox

The guys at Up For Poker are pretty easy. I'm not going to lie. And when one self-nominee for "The Nuts" used this line:

I'll hike up my skirt and stick my leg out

We were sold. Please go say hello to change100 at Pot Committed. She's another one of those LA bloggers, but I won't hold that against her.

By the way, there were many fine nominees, and I will be trying to get as many of you in the spotlight as possible. And for those looking to get on the blogroll, consider it done (as soon as I have a minute).


October 24, 2005

Are You "The Nuts?"

by Luckbox

Why aren't you on my blogroll? Okay, I'm sure it's my fault. You sent me an email awhile back and I meant to add you and forgot. Or you left a comment hoping I'd see it and put you on the list. Well, now's my chance to right that wrong.

Please leave me a comment with your poker blog and, if you'd like a special spotlight, tell me why you should be "The Nuts." By Wednesday, you'll be on the roll and I'll pick a new winner. And sorry, but you're not getting any cool PokerStars gear out of this. Up For Poker has no budget. Although I'm thinking of merchandising... but that would only confirm fears that my ego is too large (check the comments).

On a completely unrelated note, I've now managed to redirect and Makes it a lot easier to tell people how to get here. Next step will be moving this over completely... but that's way down the road. I'm an idiot, it was hard enough to figure this out!


March 25, 2005

The Nuts

by Luckbox

It's not everyday that a poker blogger makes the final table of one of the world's premier poker events, but that's exactly what Ben "Milky Bar Kid" Grundy did in Monte Carlo at the European Poker Tour Championship.

And that is more than enough to get you a spot in "The Nuts." Go check him and tell him congratulations!


February 25, 2005

Who's Got the Nuts Now?

by Luckbox

Okay, so maybe the guy who finished 7th in last year's main event at the World Series of Poker didn't exactly need a traffic bump from this little 'ol web site, but they earned it. There's still some great stuff over at Ship It Poker.

But now it's about time for a change. And this time, I've got a blogger with current credentials. As far as I can tell, he's the only blogger in Card Player Magazines top 40 poker player of the year standings.

It's Chris from over at Twenty-One Outs Twice. He's currently 37th ahead of such notables as Freddy Deeb, Max Pescatori and Scott Fischman. Not bad, huh? You'll have to head over to his blog to find out how he got there. It's just another edition of "The Nuts!"

(And in case you're wondering, to get 21 outs twice, just have an open-ended straight flush draw with two overcards. Pretty simple, huh?)


February 20, 2005

Changing The Nuts

by Luckbox

It's like holding the nut flush when the board pairs on the river. Sometimes when you think you have the nuts, the cards slap you across the face.

The change in "The Nuts" here at Up For Poker is not nearly as dramatic. Now that Otis' adventures in France are over, I had to drop the European Poker Tour blog in favor of something new.

That something new is three friends blogging about poker and strategy. Sound familiar? Think of it as Up For Poker but at much, much higher levels. Where G-Rob and I grind at the $2/$4 tables, the boys over at Ship It Poker are beating the $25/$50 NL tables.

It starts with WSOP final table participant Matt Dean. But it also includes Gamecock Lloyd McGuire. Maybe he can take a roadtrip up I-26 to Greenville for a little homegame action with the boys in G-Vegas. And rounding out the trio is U of I No Limit specialist Taylor Caby.

You won't find a lot of home game write-ups over at Ship It Poker, but you'll find some great strategy advice. These guys obviously know what they're doing!

Maybe we should set up a little single table action... Up For Poker vs. Ship It Poker. What do you think?


January 13, 2005

Who's Got the Nuts Now?

by Luckbox

I don't know if you noticed, but once I added Otis' Poker Stars blog to the highlighted section known as "The Nuts," his visits went through the roof. On Tuesday alone, he had nearly 35,000 hits. I never realized Up For Poker was so powerful!!!

Now it's your turn to land in "The Nuts." Although I can't promise similar success, I'd like to highlight a different blog there each week. Do you think you've got what it takes? Send me an email at pagemaster -at- and tell me why. Or just leave a comment.

If you're not already on the blogroll, you should definitely drop me a line. And even if you're on the blogroll but don't think you get the recognition you deserve, let me know!