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Poker Blog established in 2003 as the first stop for poker news, poker stories, and bad poker advice.

November 30, 2004

I'm In

by Luckbox

Fact: I may be a compulsive gambler.
Fact: I don't deal well with peer pressure.

What do fact 1 and fact 2 mean? It means I'll be landing in Las Vegas at about 7:10pm on Friday December 10th. See ya at the tables!

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On the Road.....again

by G-Rob

It's about time for a G-Rob posting. I feel like Dean Moriarty in an Otis travelogue, and aren't we a merry bunch?

The first time I played no limit hold-em was barely a year ago and, of course, it was Otis who brought me along. He has a tendency to yammer forever about the things he loves (Just ask him about YAHOO Launch Cast sometime) and for the moment he really loved poker.

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November 29, 2004

Pair of kids with a wife kicker

by Otis

It was much too late for G-Rob to be calling. In the old days (read: a couple of years ago), it would've meant nothing for him to call at 11:30pm. However, these days, a call at 11:30 meant one of a couple things: Somebody was dead or it was time to put one of our buddies in a mental institution.

At the moment, I didn't feel much like dealing with either.

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November 26, 2004

What I'm Thanful For...

by Luckbox

Thanksgiving is the time of year to take a look back at what you're thankful for. So in looking back at my time at the tables, I've decided that I'm thankful for...

...the bad beat jackpot. There's nothing like losing a hand and walking away with $1600.

...playing poker with Dad. Last time I was home, my Dad ran a little tourney at his favorite watering hole (he's like Norm there... really!). I finished up for the night and so did he. I think I impressed him. This also gives me a chance to remind you of the best post ever on Up For Poker where Otis talks about his Dad.

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November 24, 2004

Vegas or bust (actually, it's not really an either/or proposition, is it?)

by Otis

"Look at that boy, Martha. He looks like a superball, what with all his bouncing around."--Imaginary Otis-watchers in Vegas, 2003

The last time I was in Vegas, I couldn't control my anticipation. I elbowed a woman in the chest in an effort to get my bags off the luggage carousel. With no casino host to meet me (I was sure Olaf would show up one lat time), I found msyelf without a pre-arranged ride. Since I like to walk and a like to chat up cab drivers, I hadn't rented a car.

I was less than a mile from my hotel, but one doesn't walk from the airport in Vegas. I spied the cab line. It seemed to be more than a hour long. The shuttles in Vegas are terminally slow.

As I bounced from the cab side to the shuttle side, my face must have become a mask of frustration usually only seen on the faces of horny high school guys who can't convince their girlfriends that they really, really do love them.

Then, a lot like the drug pedlers in Dead show parking lots, a guy sidled up next to me and whispered something.

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November 22, 2004

Scenes from an Italian French Thanksgiving poker game

by Otis

G-Rob stood at the top of his driveway staring blankly into the darkness. I was late to pick him up, but he didn't seem as annoyed as he should've been. A pair of bright high-beams shot over the top of my SUV and lit up G-Rob's face. When he climbed in, he said, "I wasn't sure it was you until I saw the bread truck pull in behind you."

The bread truck was actually The Mark's black H2 Hummer, a rumbling mass of steel and poker prowess. When BadBlood began organizing the game, he thought we would be shorthanded, so I called The Mark and asked if he wanted to play. He did.

Like a short-handed homage to the movie "Swingers", our vehicles followed each other through the night as we strained to see the street signs and fingered the rolls in our pockets.

And somewhere in the air, I smelled pig.

I really, really like me some pig.

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November 17, 2004

A Poker Bloggers Plea

by Luckbox

Another UPDATE: It's over, and the poll disappeared. I think Beth came up a few votes short. They cheated. The vote disappeared late last night before I could launch my final assault. Cheaters...

UPDATE!!!! We're still behind, but you can revote today. Apparently the ISP's reset each day. Vote today and vote tomorrow and tell your friends.

This is not poker-related, but important nonetheless. Otis and I would like all of our loyal readers to go to this website and vote for Beth Brotherton as Hottest News Girl.

Any help you can provide, and networking you can do to help swing this vote would be greatly appreciated. Beth must win! It's important to the poker bloggers of G-Vegas and one of our poker buddies (Beth's husband).

I thank you all in advance for the help you may provide. Remember, vote Beth and vote often!!! (Apparently this site allows you to vote only once per computer because of cookies... unless you can find away around that...)

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November 16, 2004

The Walker

by Otis

He sat in the wooden chair looking out across the room at people who hate him. I watched him shift in his seat, the prostate cancer obviously causing him some problems. The knot on his tie was exceptionally big. Old men tie their ties big, I thought.

He'd lost weight in the past year. Living through 18 months of pure hatred and cancer will do that to you. His once well-tailored suits hung on him when he shuffled in and out of the courthouse. His wife would walk beside him. His ex-wife would follow behind. The dynamic of the relationship was lost on me.

But that's not really what I was thinking about. That's just where I was at the moment.

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November 12, 2004

Mr. Blonde Re-Raises All In

by Luckbox

He probably hit his pop-culture high when he cut off a police officer's ear in one of the most gruesome scenes in film history. Of course, just this year, he was burying Uma Thurman alive.

Now Michael Madsen is bringing his tough-guy image to the poker table. He's the latest to add his name to Tilt, the latest dramatic series form ESPN.

And in the fine tradition of "The Professor," "Fossilman" and "Devilfish," Madsen will be playing Don "The Matador" Everest. Hmmm... not the best poker nickname I've ever heard...

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November 10, 2004

**Alternative to a real post**

by Otis

My life has a soundtrack.

When Dad and Uncle Darrell shot pool, I rested my chin on the table, and tapped my foot to the Beach Boys' "Endless Summer." Uncle Randy liked the J. Giles Band and Kiss, but he didn't hang out with his brother very much.

A few years later, Dad would drive fast in his black Monte Carlo, The Eagles putting an absolute hurt on the stock stero speakers. I'd sit unbuckled in the back seat, watching the Missouri countryside blur against the speed.

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November 2, 2004

It's for charity. Question: Charity who?

by Otis

It was just too hot outside to be the first November night of 2004. Decorative lights--almost Christmasy--hung haphazard-but-stylish in the trees that lined the street. Parking, as always, was at a premium in this particular part of town, so I considered myself lucky to find a spot just a block from the evening's tournament.

The tournament, reportedly for charity (but I figured otherwise) was to take place in a familiar watering hole. I scanned the street for the beat cops and found none. It was a Monday night and there wasn't much need for the cops to keep the weekend drunks in line.

As I stepped onto the sidewalk, arranging my cell phone and bankroll in my pocket, I sensed evil in the air. Okay, it wasn't really evil, but it was something at least a little menacing. Something akin to a three-year-old kicking me in the shins while calling me a doodie-head.

That sounds about right.

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November 1, 2004

Know When To Walk Away, Know When To Run!

by Luckbox

When the cops come knocking at the door, that's when it's time to run. Eight men in Lafayette, LA (my home town) learned that the hard way this weekend.

The Lafayette PD raided a bar named Shannon's early Friday morning and arrested the men on a charge of gambling. It's the first such bust in South Louisiana since I got here.

It's a bust that really caught my attention because Texas Hold 'Em has become increasingly popular across Lousiana. Here in Lafayette, I can probably find a handful of bars every night that are offering tournaments of some kind.

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by Otis

As the World Poker Blogger Association picks up steam with a newly designed logo from Maudie (see left), Dr. Pauly has gone the extra mile with the Poker Prof to organize the first live WPBT event in Las Vegas.

Make your seat reservations now. I've already made mine.

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