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Poker Blog established in 2003 as the first stop for poker news, poker stories, and bad poker advice.

March 30, 2006


by G-Rob

I thought it was funny anyway.

C'est la vie.

Bad news Jen, I'm still here.


He Got Game

by Staff


So here we are.....

My expectations for assignment was temporary, at best. At least I thought so. However, after a game of Yahoo Chess with G-Rob (I'll protect his somewhat sissy IM name, no offense intended) ended abruptly with him leaving the table when I brought up the "name that we no longer speak of", my expectations are changing by the minute.....

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Playboy on Hold

by Luckbox

I come back from one of the greatest trips of my life and this is what I get to deal with. I think this is what I get for leaving G-Vegas. If I were there, this would never have happened. That's why it pays to have a sober person in the middle of drunken madness.

When I first heard of the weekend dustup, I thought it was a joke. Then I started getting bombarded with phone calls and IM's from my closest friends back in South Cackalacky. Something was wrong, terribly wrong. I immediately reached out to G-Rob and Otis... after all, there's an awful lot of history there.

Bottom line, things are bad. There's a good chance G-Rob crossed a line, but since I wasn't there, I don't want to pass judgement. I do know he's chosen to move on and join Bad Blood. I'll be the first to say I'm disappointed. Especially at the tone of G-Rob's first post. But I certainly don't hold anything against Blood. G-Rob needed a place to fall, and that's a good a place as any.

Until (If?) things get patched up, Up For Poker will move ahead as well. Joining the ranks is my brother, Lefty. Many of you know him. He's not much of a poker player (but was G-Rob really? I keed... I keed!). But he will bring a unique perspective.

It's apparent that Tri-Clops will need to go on hiatus as well. There's just too much bad blood (no pun intended) to get into any meaningful debates there right now.

Anyone who knows me knows I fall into the "peacemaker" role a lot. I don't like conflict. I especially hate when it affects this blog or this community. But it's not a role I relish and I want to get past this thing as soon as possible. Any help you all may provide would be greatly appreciated.

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March 28, 2006

The Stars Were Shining

by Luckbox

I just had a lovely conversation with Shannon Elizabeth.
--the only text message I sent from the mansion

I thought it would take a little while for me to get over the fact that I was surrounded by celebrities. After all, it doesn't happen very often. In fact the last time I was around an actor who wasn't in Star Trek SNG... well... I frankly can't remember.

But this night, I was committed to not being the CJ that everyone has come to know and love. I was going to try to be the CJ that would actually say a word... or perhaps complete sentences... to some famous people.

My first opportunity was one of the most stunningly beautiful women I'd ever seen in person. It was Shannon Elizabeth. You may have enjoyed her in American Pie. Or perhaps Tomcats. I was about to talk poker with her. I just hoped I wouldn't drool in the middle of the conversation.

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March 27, 2006

This Isn't My Life!

by Luckbox

(Editor's Note: I wouldn't have been at the Playboy Mansion if not for the generous invite from the Urban Health Institute. Click on over and see what they're about!)

Is this really how Otis lives? If so, I guess there are more reasons to hate him than the fact he has a gorgeous wife and cutest little boy in Greenville.

Apparently, Otis gets to travel the world rubbing elbows with the rich, famous and gorgeous. For just one night, I got to be Otis.

And let me tell you... it's pretty damn good!

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by Otis

Narrator: "Now it's time for silly songs with Otis, the part of the show where Otis comes out and sings a silly song, or, in fact, rambles without purpose for many paragraphs, nearly deletes the post, then says screw it, and hits publish"

Friday night was one of those homegames, the kind where people are drinking and having fun, the kind where the stakes aren't going to break anybody, and, verily, the kind where I'm relaxed and have little doubt I'm going to win. And I did. Sure, I got a little lucky once or twice. Sure, the cards were coming my way. Still, I was in a relaxed zone in which I wasn't so much trying to win as waiting for it to happen.

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March 22, 2006

Otis and G-Rob Hate Me

by Luckbox

I can't say I blame them.

I suppose if I were in their situation, I'd hate them to.

I wasn't going to write about this until Friday at the earliest, but Boy Genius broke the seal, so the secret it out.

It's true, this Saturday night, I will be inside the Playboy Mansion.

Let's get the important questions out of the way (in BG style):

Can I come, too!?!?!?!?

No, sorry, you can not. And asking makes you a little girl.

Why can't I come?

Life is unfair. Why doesn't your hand hold up when you're an 80% favorite on the turn?

How'd you get picked?

Thankfully, the other two contributors here are happily married. That makes those poor saps ineligible to oogle half naked Playboy Playmates in person on a Saturday night.

Yeah, but how'd you get picked?

If you haven't heard, my nickname is "The Luckbox." 'Nuff said.

What the hell are you doing there?

There is a charity poker event, and I am assisting in live online coverage.

Aren't you freaking out right now?

Yes. Half of me doesn't believe this is true. The other half is completely mortified. At least I'll have BG to share my insecurities with. I also know that I won't be the worst dressed (thanks AlCantHang!) and I won't be the best dressed (screw you Joe Speaker!). In fact, I'm shopping for clothes tonight, thankfully I'll have a little help with that.

Can I hate you more now than I did before?


Will you have a camera?

I own a camera phone, and I plan to pick up a nice digital camera that they may or may not allow me to bring inside.

Can you get Kendra's phone number for me?

If I get her phone number, you're not getting it. She is a Philadelphia Eagles fan, though, so I got that going for me.

So can I come!?!

You're such a little girl.

Is there anything else you can tell me??!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?

No. Further discussion may force my removal from the list, and, frankly, you only get a chance to get on this list about once in a lifetime. I'm eternally greatful to those who made it happen and I promise to bring the best stories and pictures I can back to the loyal readers of Up For Poker.

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March 20, 2006

Playing poker with the Europeans

by Otis

"If that's true, yer dead to me." --Iggy, upon being informed of another one of my undeserved poker experiences.

"That's not Bach. That's Vivaldi."

The man was balding, ever smiling, and using a marble-sized opal to cap his cards.

"It's 'The Four Seasons'," he said. Though genial and probably not as drunk as he was letting on, his British tenor, good humor, and slightly slurred words channeled Dudley Moore as "Arthur."

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March 17, 2006

Playing the Ponies (Anatomy of a Bad Night)

by Luckbox

(Update! Results below...)

My diversion from poker continues with another night at the races. Last Friday night, I posted a $700 profit with an un-repeatable run of bets. So you can safely assume the picks below will bomb. Nonetheless, here they are. I don't have time to go in depth, so you'll have to settle for simplicity.

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The play's the thing

by Otis

Back from Monte Carlo with many a tale to tell. Bird flu and work have me down, but I'll be there for this and you should be too...

WPBT WSOP Satellite Tournament
March 19th - Sunday
9pm EST
Paradise Poker
$30 NL
password: email Iggy

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March 15, 2006


by G-Rob

Nashville is an amzing town. We've watched our beloved 'Cats in 3 tournament cities and this place is at the top. Actually, it ties with New Orleans, but is a damn sight better than Atlanta.

One of the remarkable things about the SEC Tournament is that it's really a roving homegame for Kentucky. In an arena that holds 25,000 you can be sure 24K are rooting for the Blue and White. It feels good to fit in.

This year we sat behind a twenty-something girl with a rolled up sign that said something about reserve guard Ramel Bradley. In front of her was a gown man with a blue and white pom-pom pushed through the back of his hat like a ponytail. He sat next to his son who didn't appear embarrased.

In Atlanta, a few years back, we sat behind a fortyish man, bald on top, with a ring of what would have been brown hair around the sides. He'd dyed it blue for the game and shaved the letters "UK" into the back. He painted the letters white.

His family was totally embarrased.

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March 11, 2006


by Luckbox

I remember this feeling.

It's like winning a big tournament. I haven't done that in awhile.

Tonight, I took my 3-day's worth of handicapping to the Evangeline Downs race track to try my hand at the horsies. I've been working hard at this the past few weeks and I've gotten a ton of help from Boy Genius.

It was a big night.

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March 10, 2006

Taking Away the Edge

by Luckbox

Gambling comes down to one sometimes undefinable element: The Edge.

Whenever you pull money out of your pocket and risk it in a gambling enterprise of any kind, determining whether it's a good bet or a bad bet comes down to the edge.

For example, walk into a casino and every table game and slot machine has a built in house edge. None of the bets you can make are "good bets." No matter what, in the long run, the casino wins and you lose. That is a fact. There is no way to work around that.

Place a bet on the roulette wheel and face a house edge so large you might as well burn your money. Now that doesn't mean that some bets aren't better than others. Taking max odds while betting wrong at the Craps table is a significantly better bet than playing the bonus bet at the Three Card Poker table. In the long run, you'll still lose, but the chance of you losing that single bet is much less at the Craps table.

So where should we bet?

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March 8, 2006


by G-Rob

Wish me luck on Monday. It's a very big day for me.

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March 6, 2006

What's Wrong With Me?

by Luckbox

[21:45] G-Rob: Dear CJ,
[21:46] G-Rob: I miss you. Please come home.
[21:46] G-Rob: Love,
[21:46] G-Rob: Up For Poker

So my fellow contributor was on the girly message thingy tonight and that's what I got pinged with. He's right. I've been missing in action. I guess you can say poker disillusioned me a bit. When the Hilton Sisters take you out back and molest you with their 4-inch heels on three consecutive days, you don't exactly want to sit back down at the tables.

But losing isn't it. I've done that before. So what is it?

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March 4, 2006

Do Over

by G-Rob

My absolute favorite part of any Douglas Adams novel is the "Total Perspective Vortex". It's the most fearsome device inthe galaxy. In short, a victim steps inside and is shown his or her own value in relation to the universe as a whole. It shows everything, every planet, every form of life, spread out over a vast expanse with the smallest of dots marked... "You are here."

I love it.

Perspective makes us better people. It's also sucks a fair amount of ass.

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by Otis

It's just after 6am. I'm drinking my second Corona. I have no idea how old it is. I know that I looked in the mirror a few seconds ago and I didn't recognize the guy looking back at me. However, there was something faint in the mirror. It recalled a guy who one year ago this month started hitting the bigger online tournaments. It recalled the face of the guy who, a year ago, said, "I think I can do this." Still, I hadn't seen The Guy in a long time.

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