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Poker Blog established in 2003 as the first stop for poker news, poker stories, and bad poker advice.

March 13, 2005

Omens... Lots of 'Em... All Bad

by Luckbox

Where did I go wrong?

I suppose it started with my overly arrogant "How to Win at Craps" post. I forgot rule number one about casino gambling. It doesn't matter what the system is, the house still has the edge.

Then I played in a FTP $100 tourney last night with Erick Lindgren and some guy nicknamed GambleAB (whoever that is). I nearly knocked both of them out at different times (each had a $100 bounty). Erick folded like a little girl with just T680 when I check-raised him on the river. Punk. I was among the top 5 in chips all tourney and in 3rd place when we reached the final table. Top 6 played. Anyone wanna guess where I finished?

So I went back to the Coushatta and dropped $150 waiting for a poker table. I got there too late for the tourney again, another bad sign. And after dropping that cash and waiting for a table, I decided to grab some food... and missed hearing my name get called. So I had to get back on the list, and wait some more.

Things weren't going well...

I finally got called as they started a new NLHE table (remember, it's $1/$3 blinds and a buy in of $100 min/$200 max). I had $300 left and bought in for $200. It was 3:00 pm.

A few hands in, I'm dealt AQ of clubs in the BB. There are 4 limpers in front of me and I raise to $15. Three of the four call me. The flop comes down Q-x-x. I bet $25 and I get called by the player to my left (your typical grizzled regular in a trucker hat, but not for the style points). The turn pairs the 3 on the board. I bet $30 and he calls again. The river is a harmless J and I bet $30 again. He quickly folds. Just like that I'm up to $295.

That was the only significant hand I played my first hour and at about 4:00 pm, I'm moved to another NL table.

The first hand I played there was pocket 6's, UTG. I think Bad Blood will be proud.

The flop comes A-J-6, all clubs. I love the set and hate the flush draw. The BB checks and I bet $15. It's raised to $30, the BB calls and I call.

The turn is another J... as in Jackpot!!!! BB checks, I check and it's bet $30, as I expected. BB calls and I raise to $100. The orginal bettor goes all in for his $81. The BB thinks for awhile before folding. He was either flushed or on the nut flush draw. I'm sure I could have gotten more out of him. The river is a blank and I never see what the other guy had. I'm up to $428 and just like that I've doubled up. This game is easy!

That was the last meaningful hand I won. One time, I flopped a K-flush, but the only other guy in the hand was the SB, and he probably would have folded to anything pre-flop. The hand won me virtually nothing.

I decide to play QTo out of the BB even though it was raised to $10 in front of me. There are 2 other callers so four of us see the flop. It comes T-8-8. The SB checks, I bet $20, it's folded back to the SB and he raises all in. Check-raise? Is he just making a move on me? It's actually the second time he pulled that move on me (the other time, I was hammered). I fold and I'm down to $364.

It's 69s in the big blind. Six players ahead of me limp so I complete hoping for a good flop. It comes A-A-6. That's not a good flop, but I decided to see where I was at. I check, it's bet $10 and I raise to $30. He pushes for $45 more. Ugh. Is this another move? Am I giving off the impression that I'm easy to push around? I look him up. I'm thinking if he had an ace, he wouldn't have limped preflop. Bad theory, because he's holding A2, and fills his boat on the turn. I'm at $260.

I'm dealt AJo and I raise to 10. The BB re-raises to 20 and I call. The flop is A-x-x. Here's what I have to decide. Did he re-raise with AK or AQ... or did he re-raise with a high pocket pair like J's or Q's? He checks (big pocket pair??) and I bet 25. He check-raises me to 50 (hmm... AK?). I call.

The turn is a blank. He checks and I check (big pocket pair?? the re-raise was to see if I really had an ace??). The river is a blank. He bets 100. Ugh... now I think he's buying the pot with pocket Q's. I call, and, of course, he flips AK. I'm down to about $100 and I buy for another $100.

I'm dealt 56s in the BB. It was raised to 10 in front of me and I call with 2 others. It's not a hand I should be playing with a raise the way my day has been going, but I'm stupid, remember.

The flop is K-5-6. Okay, I'm smarter than I thought! I've got people betting into me, so I just call. The turn is a 4. It's bet ahead of me and I call again, planning for a big move at the river. The river is a 7, and it's bet big in front of me. I give a crying call and he flips an 8. I'm an idiot, and I'm down to $115.

My day came to the end with a couple Big Slicks. The first time, I raise out to $25 and get a couple of callers. The flop is 8-8-5. I check, it's bet $50 and another guy goes all in for $179. I obviously fold. The original bettor thinks for awhile before throwing away pocket 5's. He said he figured the other guy for quad 8s, but the other guy showed a J before mucking (I figure the other card was an 8). I can't believe he mucked a boat!

A few hands later, I see AKs again. It's raised in front of me to $10 and there are 3 callers. I raise all-in to $43 and get two callers. My hand never improves and I lose to pocket J's.

It's about 6:15pm now, and my Syracuse Orange tip off for the Big East title at 7pm. I thought about buying back in, but it just didn't' seem to be my day, so I hopped in my car and headed home, down $450 for the day. It hurt, but I learned some lessons. First, don't waste money at the craps table (I wasn't even following the rules I set out below, I was betting way too aggressively). Second, don't play stupid cards. Pretty easy rules to follow, huh?

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