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Poker Blog established in 2003 as the first stop for poker news, poker stories, and bad poker advice.

July 2, 2005

NASCAR Superstars

by G-Rob

It's 9:14 and raining in Daytona. In 5000 hotel rooms there are restless children rolling on unwashed hotel comforters while unhappy parents look for Nickelodeon on an unknown cable box. On the west side of town 100,000 fans sit huddled under cheap plastic parkas waiting for the race to begin. Up in G-Vegas two producers, one reporter, two sportsguys, an entire production crew, and one G-Rob wonder when this night will end.

The late news, billed as a special post-race edition, is exactly that. We don't start until the race is over. It was supposed to start at 7:00. We may not air the big story here until 1:30 or 2:00. God help us.


I spat out a quickie on the Thursday homegame madness the other day. It's down yonder somewhere. Friday night took me to "The Mark", formally called the "State Park Game". I'm sure CJ will link up to Otis' original post about that venue whenever he edits this post.

I'd say the link should go.....

>>>>>>>>>Here! [Ed. note: Happy to oblige]

This time BadBlood joined us for a $40.00 tourney with 9 players. Maniac cash game to follow. BadBlood was uglier than a downtown Otis bender with a deck colder than my senior prom date. He finished 8th. I ended up in the final pair...heads up with about a 15x chip advantage. He seemed ready to roll the dice on any hand, and I always do.

Final hand :

He pushed all in.
I find 10-2o and say, "Aw hell, lets do it for Doyle!" and call.

Flop :




I take down $260, (Again fake money. I especially enjoy the yellow $10 Monopoly bills!) for a dandy $220 net gain.

The cash game is especially bizarre, but always fun. Mark's a good guy and a solid mega-aggressive player. The rest of the table is just as ready to gamble. We started with NLHE and $1/$2 blinds. But that fell into dealer's choice.

2 players insisted, including "the Mark", on dealing NO LIMIT OMAHA 8b. The pots were insane. I scooped $150 on this insanity :

I have A,2,6,J all SPADES.

Mark makes it $15 to go which I smooth call. 2 other callers follow.

Flop is : 3,6,7 rainbow.

Mark makes bets another $15.

I figure I'm quartering the pot so I call again, and both players follow suit.

Turn is a K.

Mark leads out $20

I call again. One player to my left also calls.

River is another K.

Mark bets another $20

I call and the player to my left folds.


Mark has NO High. He played Ace-4 for the low.
I scoop the pot with the nut low and 2 pair (Kings and 6s) for the high.

Net result of cash game: +$160 in play money.


But if you aren't playing poker in G-Vegas, you're retarded.


It's now 10:15, the green flag just dropped. I'm reading "One Hundred Years of Solitude" to stay busy. Its excellent by the way.

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