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Poker Blog established in 2003 as the first stop for poker news, poker stories, and bad poker advice.

January 31, 2006

Live at the WWdN

by Luckbox

wil asked for it, and since it's still sorta Pauly Appreciation Week, here I go. Live-blogging my tourney...

7:18pm: If you remember, I gave up poker for a week in the last post. So what the hell am I doing in this? I'm a degenerate, go figure.

7:22pm: 100 people in this thing??? That's crazy!

7:29pm: I don't know anyone at my table. Good start!

7:33pm: Playing the JackHammer. Called a raise preflop... completely missed. No luckbox action.

7:36pm: Eating, playing and live-blogging is hard. I may take a short blogging break.

7:40pm: Dinner over. While I was gone, I played the Hammer to a raise UTG. The BB called me. The flop came KQT. He checked, I bet T150. He raised all in. Damn Hammer. No luckbox action tonight.

7:42pm: Sure, when I get a real hand (AQs), every folds to me preflop raise. Bastards. All of them. Jaxia stopped by to say "Nice bet ;)" Thanks ;-)

7:44pm: First preflop all-in at my table: A4o vs. A2s... and, predictably, it was a split pot. A4o and A2s????

7:45pm: "Up4Poker: any bloggers at the table?" Met by silence.

7:46pm: Mr. A4o is all in again with KJ and he's called by JJ. The flop dropped a K. I guess I'm glad he has more chips. Don't want to see him get busted by anyone but me.

7:47pm: I'm down to T1080 thanks to the blinds and playing two hands: The Hammer and the JackHammer. I'm dumb.

7:48pm: AJd. Flop is 863. My continuation bet is called by a guy with a gutshot. I hate poker. T845.

RogueCK: stupid play from me - I know better than that :/

7:53pm: All in 44 vs. AK. Mr. A4o didn't make it this time, though, when a K hit the turn. One down at my table. Obie has arrived. At least I recognize him.

7:55pm: KQs and I raise from the SB, only the BB sticks around. Mr. Gutshot from earlier. The flop is A42, only one of my suit. I don't have the stack to continuation bet, and Mr. Gutshot doesn't respect it anyway. I check and fold. I'm at T695.

7:57pm: Mr. Gutshot has a big stack now that his Hammer rivered a straight against KK. Guess my luckbox skills have moved to the seat to my right.

8:01pm: I just told wil how much this liveblogging sucks. He's down to just 705, but can still double me up.

8:02pm: Obie's 22 falls to QQ and he's out. Now I'm at a new table and I recognize... no one. Weird.

8:04pm: SoxLover just informed me his wife is at my table. He doesn't want me to suck out on her. I guess that's being a good husband.

8:05pm: Wow, these cards suck. No pocket pair yet and AQs and AJs once each. Brutal. T645 now.

8:06pm: mrpants13 is eliminated when his two pair falls to a set of 6's. The anti-Christ makes an appearance.

8:08pm: I suck. I just called a min-raise from the SB with QJd. Why? T495

8:09pm: A familiar face arrives! It's Joanne. She kills me in tourneys. I predict she will bust me.

8:10pm: Ouch. Gweneb lau busts when her Rockets are cracked by AK. K on the flop, K on the turn.

8:11pm: And I'm out. I'm in the BB and it's folded all the way around to the SB who makes a steal. I re-raise all in to 495 and he calls. I have A4o, he has Q7o. The flop is no help to anyone. The turn pairs my 4 but gives him a flush draw. The river is a red seven, and I'm out. In 94th. And that's why I won't play anymore poker until Saturday.

8:15pm: Jaxia is in 17th place right now. GRob is 31st. BadBlood is 87th of 87. And wil is 75th. Jaxia is my horse in this one! I have a good feeling about her game!

8:20pm: The table respects Jaxia's UTG raise and lays down. Wish I could get that kind of respect. Then she takes down a nice pot with A2o when an Ace flops. She's up to T3375.

8:21pm: She's on a rush! Another pot won with American Airlines!
T4075 and 11th place. GRob is at T3000.

8:24pm: wil is all in with AJo. He's called by QQ and the board is no help at all. wil is out in 79th place. Sabboth gets the honor of naming next week's event.

8:27pm: A4s sucks out on Jaxia's AQs and she's back down to T3105.

8:30pm: GRob is at it again...

SERNE: GL, im working on robman

GRobman: problem is...i'm better at poker

GRobman: than serne

GRobman: i INVENTED it

8:31pm: Break time! Chip Check! Joanne is 5th with T4890. Sir Waffle is 8th with T4520. GRob is 15th at T3550. Jaxia is 21st at T3105. Helixx is 28th at T2535. Alan is 29th at T2505. Iggy is 37th at T2225. BG is 4nd at T2120. BadBlood is 47th at T1770. Falstaff is 55th at T1283. Shane is 61st at T1125. Chad is 67th at T875. Gracie is 71st at T740.

8:37pm: Gracie doubles up with KT vs. 44.

8:38pm: Falstaff is out when his 99 falls to KK. All undercards on the flop sucked him in.

8:40pm: Jaxia is at a new table but has a huge stack to her right (it's Garthmeister).

8:43pm: An ace on the river gives Jaxia broadway and she wins a nice little pot.

8:45pm: GRob is all in on a flop of 532. SERNE folds. GRob doesn't show. "had me there serne a chance to knock me out"

8:48pm: Iggy raises to T450, owentgs raises all in, Jaxia pushes all in with KK. Iggy folds, owentgs flips AKo. The river brings broadway and owentgs doubles through Jaxia. I hate poker.

8:50pm: BG drops the Hammer.

8:52pm: GRob and BG at the same table is a bad idea.

GRobman: i want to be BG when i grow up

HeyKidsItsBG: well, you'll have to start on my chronic masturbation regimen

GRobman: still every 20 minutes?

HeyKidsItsBG: i've stretched it to 25, but i'm going longer while i'm doing it

HeyKidsItsBG: so it's a wash

8:54pm: Jaxia is down to T1310 after that brutal beat, it's push or fold for her now.

8:58pm: Jaxia makes her play out of the SB with QTo, but runs into AA in the BB. The flop is 888 and Garth takes her out in 50th. Bastard!

9:01pm: GRobman is telling the "Driving me nuts" joke. You'll have to ask him.

9:02pm: Iggy calls it the kiddie table as he joins GRob, BG and Wes the Boobie Lover (not the Big Pirate).

9:03pm: GRob inexplicably pushes all in with 2nd pair (AQ) and runs into a flopped set of Kings. He's out in 45th.

9:06pm: Garth's KK loses to AT when Sabboth rivers two pair. This game is ugly. Online poker is rigged.

9:08pm: Ouch. KK is dead now. BG loses with it vs. 66 and he's out in 41st.

9:11pm: We're playing microlimit. My 75o crushered wil's 83o, I'm up 20 cents!!!

9:17pm: tajeric's KK goes down to pocket 8's. Dems Quads Beetches.

9:19pm: JJ and TT back to back at the donkey table. TT doubles me up.

9:22pm: JTs flops a flush and I double through Serne in consecutive hands. Donkey poker rules.

9:24pm: I lay down my K3 of clubs to a hammer flop and a bet from wil. He had AJ of clubs.

Wil Wheaton: I had you CRUSHERED

9:25pm: Four recognizable bloggers left in the tourney: Shane, Iggy, Wes and Helixx (in last).

9:27pm: KK is no better at the donkey table as it falls to QJ. Ouch. wil believes it's his fault. I'm willing to agree.

9:33pm: I'm up from $4 to $19.05 at the donkey table. At least I paid for my WWdN entry!

9:34pm: Iggy is in trouble. And his JJ fals to AQ. He's out in 23rd place.

9:35pm: Three familiar bloggers left. Shane in 6th, Wes in 10th, Helixx in 19th. 22 remain.

9:43pm: I'm playing two donkey tables, watching the WWdN, live-blogging and chatting on the girly thingy. It's hard.

9:45pm: Helixx goes out when his 44 is called by A5s and an A hits the turn. Bubble time.

9:48pm: Three way all in at the donkey table. I'm KK, Jaxia is JJ and Falstaff is 66 (!?). KK flops set and holds up. I rock the donkey tables.

9:57pm: We're down to 15 and Shane is in 14th. Wes is in 11th. I don't recognize anyone else.

10:03pm: Shane is out in 14th when his A9 lost to AK. It was a good run.

10:09pm: My night at the tables is over. Jaxia got up, and when the hot woman leaves, so do I. I made $12.45 at the donkey tables so I made my WWdN buy-in back. Now I can leave the tables until Saturday. See ya then!

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