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Poker Blog established in 2003 as the first stop for poker news, poker stories, and bad poker advice.

October 5, 2003

How to Really Sound Like You Know Poker

by Staff

With all due respect to CJ, with the preponderance of poker books, articles, and TV shows, knowing some of those terms might mean nothing more than you have cable. To really sound like a true degenerate, you have to be prepared to throw in a few of the following.

But They Were Suited!: Cold-call a pre-flop raise with some absolute trash like Q5c, then hit your kicker on the river to get two pair against pocket kings? It's time for "But They Were Suited!" Sometimes, even when they weren't.

Deuces Never Looses!: Yes, I know how to spell, but that's the pronunciation. And I know that deuces often do lose, but it is true that they are almost never shown when they lose. I've shown pocket queens many time only for them to lose, but I can't recall ever showing a pair or trips of 2's...which gives you a fine opportunity to belt out the line.

Flop Lag: You raise with your AQs only to see the flop come 678 of hearts. The next hand the flop is AAQ or all clubs, giving you the perfect chance to complain of "Flop Lag" to your neighbor.

Pot Odds: This term actually has a real meaning, but for standard lower-limit table play you only need to know that if there's a lot of chips in the pot, you can pretty much justify any lousy draw, at least after you win.

You Play That Shit?: The river comes down, you bet, he calls. You turn over your AJ for top pair good kicker. There's a pause before he turns over...AJ! Everybody chuckles, and as the dealer divides the pot it is absolutely mandatory for you to say "You Play That Shit?" to him.

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