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Poker Blog established in 2003 as the first stop for poker news, poker stories, and bad poker advice.

November 8, 2005

Any Pineapple players?

by G-Rob

I badly misplayed a hand last night in a game of Crazy Pineapple 8/b. I'd like some feedback on the hand.

The game is (with 2 exceptions) an EXTREMELY LOOSE $2/$4 dealer's choice with a $200 buyin. Usually it starts with hold-em but 9 of 10 hands are a very silly NL Omaha 8b.

The big exception is Badblood who almost always calls for Crazy Pineapple.


I'm in the SB in the 2s at a 9-handed table. The entire table limps in until the 8s raises it to $12 and the 9s calls, the dealer folds.

I look down and find AsAd7d. Knowing the character of the table, I raise it to $50!

The 4s and the 9s both smooth call.

The flop is 6d,8s,9s which is, of course on of the most coordinated and least desireable flops I could see. With my holding I have either:

Top pair with the ace of spades.
A low draw with A-7-6-8
An OESD with the Ace of spades.

I figure the A-7 low, after the 2 preflop callers is clearly no good, and I decide I like the top pair better than the OESD.

I suspect THAT was my first mistake.

Then I decide at least one of my opponents is on that low draw, and I don't want the flush to hit so I made mistake number 2...I vastly overplayed my hand....pushing all-in for another $140.

The 4s insta-calls and so does the 9s. I know I'm beat.

The turn is a 4s meaning the low is good and so is the flush. 4s checks and the 9s bets all-in for another $200...after a good while in the tank...4s calls.

The pot is now about $1100!

4s shows 9-9 for a set of 9s.
and sure enough
9s shows Ks-Qs for the flush.

Now, at this point I consider the 9s calling for $140 on a flush draw EXTREMELY LOOSE..and the set of 9s FAIRLY LOOSE. The 4s put his opponent on the nut low and figured the call on the flush draw was unlikely.

I also, with the ace of spades, now had great outs. Any low card gives me the low. Any spade gives me the scoop.

The river is an 8c and the set catches big and scoops $1100.

I figure BOTH players were awfully loose pre-flop...but the loss was my fault after that.


At this table, I don't apologize for the $50 pre-flop raise...I figure I have a very strong starting hand and I WANT callers there. The question is in the post-flop play.

Obviously, I'm out of position here...but do I want to bet out and thus represent the low? It wouldn't have helped me here.

Given, a check is probably best on such a co-ordinated board, but with THESE players I would be pushed out by huge bets with a VERY VERY wide range of hands.

Perhaps the best suggestion on such a loose table, and usually this is how BadBlood and I play there, is just to wait for the nuts and clean up. But, I was on totally CARD DEAD TILT...which is a subject for my next post.

Any Crazy Pineapple players have some strategy to spare?

It's clearly one of my weakest games.

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