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Poker Blog established in 2003 as the first stop for poker news, poker stories, and bad poker advice.

July 6, 2004

2004 WSOP Episodes #1 & #2

by Luckbox

On some Tuesday nights, I plan to live-blog the WSOP telecast on ESPN, as long as Texas Hold 'Em is being played. Enjoy.

I think we've all waited for tonight with anxious anticipation. Well, except, perhaps, for PokerProf who was there when it happened. For most of the rest of us, this will be our first chance to see the 2004 World Series of Poker. Before reading on, I suggest you go here and listen to "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy." It's the catchy song you've been hearing on the ESPN promos.

Okay, now that you're ready... read on...

7:00 pm CT
I'll be back from dinner in an hour and ready to shuffle up and deal!

7:55 pm CT
ESPN has extensive coverage on its website. As expected, we'll get to see more than just the $10,000 NLHE tourney. Tonight, it's the final table of the $2000 NLHE tourney featuring: David Chiu, Carl Frommer, Brian Haveson, Anthony Lellouche, Tuan Nguyen, Shawn Rice, Charlie Shoten, J.C. Tran, and James Vogl. In fact, the first 12 episodes will feature alternate events, followed by 10 episodes of the main event.

8:00 pm CT
It's time!

8:01 pm CT
There's already been a half dozen Moneymaker references.

8:02 pm CT
Lon and Norm are back. Good, I think they do a nice job. Our first televised hand features rockets for James Vogl, the chip leader at the final table. Haveson, in the next seat, gets the unfortunate Cowboys. What terrible luck. A pot size graphic has been added? I don't remember it from last time. Could Haveson have laid it down? It was a re-raise from the chip leader, maybe you fold. I wouldn't have, he had to call. 24-year old Vogl has a HUGE chip lead and Haveson finishes in 9th.

8:05 pm CT
We're learning how to play Texas Hold 'Em now. Thousands of more fishes just decided to lose their money online.

8:06 pm CT
Lellouche attempts a blind steal with J4o, and runs into KK in the small blind. Chiu moves all in and Lellouche calls. Chiu was the tiny stack at the table. Chiu doubles up. He's the only braclet winner at the table, it's not a good idea to give him chips like that.

8:08 pm CT
First commercial break.

8:10 pm CT
J.C. Tran gets unceremoniously dismissed in 8th place, we only get to see the river card. Must have been one boring hand.

8:11 pm CT
Vogl gets Big Slick suited. Lellouche goes all in behind Vogl with the Hilton sisters. Vogl's gotta call, and he does. It's the classic showdown, Lellouche is a slight favorite. But the flop brings the Ace and Vogl just gets richer. Lellouche goes out in 7th when the Hilton sisters don't put out.

8:13 pm CT
It's the first profile, and it's of Vogl... think that means he'll win? He's a backgammon player first... wonder why there's a correlation between the two "sports?" He's crediting the cards like any good modest player will... but it takes more than cards to win.

8:14 pm CT
Vogl gets a lowly A6o, and Chiu looks down at Big Slick. He has to move all-in. Nguyen (not Men or Scotty) has to go all-in with pocket 7's. That means Vogl has to fold. No reason to give away part of his huge stack. It's another classic confrontation. No help on the flop, or turn, or river. Nguyen doubles up and Chiu is in serious trouble. Big Slick is 1-1 so far.

8:16 pm CT
Second commercial, and the first thing we see is an anti-gambling a responsible gambling commercial.

8:19 pm CT
We're getting a taste of some of the other familiar players in other events: Jennifer Harmon, Daniel Negreau, Dutch Boyd, Men "The Master," Minh Ngyuen, and Phil Ivey.

8:21 pm CT
Shoten is short-stacked and goes all-in with KTo. Vogl has to call with JTo because he has such a huge stack. Rice gets AJo and amazingly goes all-in behind them both. Vogl rightly folds. It's KT vs AJ. The A hits the flop and Shoten is on his way out in 6th.

8:23 pm CT
Vogl moves in with KJs. Chiu and his short-stack look at ATo and calls the bet. The flop is K-9-4. They both check, and Vogl watches an Ace come on the turn. It was a bad play by Vogl because Chiu moves all-in with his Aces. Vogl has to fold, but he calls, why? It's bet on the flop and fold on the turn. When a 6 falls on the river, Chiu doubles up again. Vogl's inexperience shows.

8:26 pm CT
Third commercial break.

8:29 pm CT
Vogl gets K9s and gets in the hand. Chiu looks at KQo, and it's a tough hand to play. Does he think Vogl has the A? The flop is Q-9-7. Chiu gets top pair and Vogl gets second pair. Vogl goes all-in putting Chiu in a tough spot. Now Vogl is goading Chiu into a call. Why? Chiu calls and Vogl is giving more chips away. More inexperience. No help on the turn or river. Vogl mumbles that he thought he was suited. The river club would have been a flush then, but I'm not sure I believe him. Chiu doubles up again.

8:31 pm CT
It's time for the Chiu profile. Don't tell me Vogl blows his huge chip lead! If he does, at least it's to a bracelet holder.

8:32 pm CT
Rice gets pocket 9's, one of my favorite hands. I'm still looking for a nickname. Chiu gets Q3s and, as the big blind, he decides to call Rice's raise. Rice flops quad 9's. Wow. I told you those 9's were go. I think we'll see Rice checking a whole lot. Chiu takes a shot at the pot and Rice cold calls. On the turn, Chiu catches 3's. He's gotta figure Rice for over cards. They both check. The river is an A. Chiu definitely can't bet now. He checks and Rice bets... Chiu has to fold, but he calls!?!?!? Rice flips the 9's, how's that feel? Suddenly, Rice is the chip leader.

8:35 pm CT
Fourth commercial break, and it's Levitra. Can you say "target audience?"

8:38 pm CT
Rice looks at AQo, and raises. Frommer gets Hookers and has to move all-in with his short stack. Rice and the big stack has to call, and it's yet another classic confrontation. AQ vs. JJ. Will overcards win this time? Probably, the Q-5-4 puts Rice at a huge advantage. When the Q comes on the turn, it's almost over. The 8 on the river doesn't help Frommer and he finishes in 5th.

8:39 pm CT
Is the Rice profile now and we find out he learned the game watching Amarillo Slim. Not a bad teacher at all. And he gets Slim's seal of approval. Rice says he's not scared of anyone, but he respects them. That's the right attitude.

8:41 pm CT
Vogl looks at Presto. We haven't heard much since he donated his chips to Chiu. Nyguen calls with J9s. It's another coin flip, but no one is all-in yet. The flop is A-T-6 and Nyguen gets a club draw. Nyguen checks and Vogl forces him all-in. Nyguen calls. The turn is another T. But the Q is no help and Vogl finally wins another hand. Nyguen goes out in 4th.

8:42 pm CT
Fifth commercial break.

8:45 pm CT
We're introduced to Chris Ferguson (or "Jesus"). And now it's time for a feature called "The Nuts." Hmmm... show me poker. We get to watch Ferguson chop a pickle in half by throwing a card. Pretty lame.

8:46 pm CT
With just three left, Rice raises on the button with A6o. Chiu gets K8s, and has to play from the SB. Vogl sees KTs, and he has to call from the BB. It's a family pot. The flop is Q-5-4 rainbow, and Rice is still in the lead. Everyone checks and we see the 7 on the turn. It's ugly, but Chui bets out big. It's a semi-bluff, he's got a bit of a straigth draw. Vogl is on the best draw (a flush) and he raises big. Chiu throws his hand away. Oooooh... the rabbit cam shows us the river would have been a 9 of spades. Rice would have won the pot. Chui is lukcy he folded.

8:48 pm CT
Chiu is short stacked with AJs, and he moves all-in. For the first time, we get the "How much do you have?" question from Vogl. He's got just K3o, and he has to fold. Rice gets pocket 4's and has to call with his big stack. The flop is 8-9-5, the turn is another 9, and the river is a 10. Chiu is out in 3rd, and Vogl and Rice breathe a HUGE sigh of relief.

8:50 pm CT
The $40,000 top prize is carried out to the table, and we move to the sixth commercial break.

8:53 pm CT
We get a "polar opposites" feature. Rice vs. Vogl, quite a contrast in style. Vogl starts to sound more like an idiot, going on and on about luck.

8:54 pm CT
Rice is at about 900,000 vs. Vogl's 70,000. Rice bets out with ATo. Vogl calls with K9o. Both playable hands heads-up. K-Q-T of spades on the flop. Rice moves all in, because he's go the A of spades and bottom pair. Vogl has top pair and a straight draw, but it's a tough call. And Vogl folds. Where's the rabbit cam!?!? Guess we only get that on the river.

8:56 pm CT
Rice gets pocket 4's again. He raises to 30K. Vogl has pocket 7's and a HUGE advantage. Vogl raises to 100K. Rice moves all-in, and Vogl calls. Rice is kicking himself. The turn is 8-T-7, and Rice is dead. The turn is an 8 and Vogl is now a big leader at 1.3 million. Rice is down to 275K.

8:57 pm CT
Vogl bets 30K on AQo. Rice moves all-in with KQo and moves all-in. Vogl calls, and Rice is in bad shape. The flop is 9-8-4. The turn is an 8. And the river is (look at the clock and guess), not a K. It's a T and Vogl wins event #1.

8:59 pm CT
Rice tells us he's disappointed to win $200,000 and we all know how he feels. Non-poker players probably think it was a stupid thing to say. Vogl says with those cards, his Mom could have won in an hour and a half. I don't like Vogl.

9:00 pm CT
It's time for $1500 7 Card Stud with Men "The Master" Nguyen, Minh Nguyen, Ted Forrest, Jim Wheatley, Chad Brown, Michael Mueller, David Feder, and Peter Brownstein.

9:14 pm CT
I don't know enough about 7 Card Stud to really blog about it, but it's not bad to watch. Let's just say I'll never play this game for a lot of money!

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