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Poker Blog established in 2003 as the first stop for poker news, poker stories, and bad poker advice.

August 10, 2004

2004 WSOP Episodes #11 & #12

by Luckbox

Welcome back. Tonight I'm live-blogging from my couch with my laptop computer and wireless internet. It's much more comfortable than my office!

And tonight, ESPN features the $5000 Limit Hold 'Em Championship and the $5000 Pot Limit Omaha Championship. I'm looking forward to both because I enjoy playing both. I just wish I could play as well as them...

So without further ado, here's this week's WSOP.

8:00 pm CT
The players at the final table for the $5000 LHE are: T.J. Cloutier, David Chiu, James McManus, Ellix Powers, John Hennigan, Danny Dang, Patty Gallagher, Jan Sjavik, and An Tran.

8:02 pm CT
McManus looks at Big Slick and bets. Powers raises with pocket 9's. Hennigan re-raises with his Hilton Sisters. McManus calls, as does Powers. Big first hand. The flop is 9-2-T and Powers shakes his head. Those bluffs likely won't mean much. He checks, Hennigan bets, McManus folds and Powers raises. Hennigan calls. The turn is a K. Powers bets and Hennigan calls. The river is another K. Powers bets and wins the pot. McManus is probably glad he folded before the turn, and he tells the table how happy he is.

8:04 pm CT
Dang bets with AJ. Cloutier is short-stacked and calls with AJs. Chiu calls with his pocket 8's. The flop is 2-6-T. Chiu probably figures he's in good shape. It's checked to Cloutier who bets. Chiu calls and Dang folds. The turn is a 9. Chiu is way out in front and this time he bets. Cloutier raises all-in. Chiu has to call with his pair and gutshot straight draw. The river is a 5 and, unfortunately, we lose the table legend. Cloutier is out in 9th.

8:07 pm CT
Commercial. In case you're wondering, my Phils are tied at 2-2 with the Rockies going to the 8th.

8:09 pm CT
Powers has Q6s, and he actually raises. Wow, that's a unique play. Dang, in the BB raises with AKs. Powers calls. Dang bets in the dark. The flop is 9-5-3, and Powers picks up his club draw. He raises and tells Dang to put the rest of his chips in, which he does, all-in. The turn is the 9 of clubs and Dang is out. Powers is a little rude about it. I don't like him. Dang is out in 8th.

8:11 pm CT
It's time for the Powers profile and he talks like he's Johnny Chan. I doubt he's that good, in fact, I'm sure of it. We learn Powers lived much of his life on the street. He says he's never had a job, except playing poker. He's the reason I'll never go pro!

8:12 pm CT
Powers now raises in the dark before the hand. Hennigan calls for the floorman, but I'm not sure why, it's Power's turn to act. Chiu calls with his pocket 6's. Everyone else folds and Powers looks at Q7s and actually raises. I don't think he'll be around long. Chiu calls. The flop is 3-A-5 and Powers has another club draw. He bets. Chiu calls. The turn is a Q, giving Powers a pair. Powers bets and Chiu calls. Then Powers bets in the dark. The river is an A and Chiu should probably lay down. Powers sure does talk a big game. I can't wait to see him get knocked out. Powers takes the pot. McManus tells Powers he's disrespecting the game. I like McManus, loved his book.

8:14 pm CT
Commercial. I'm glad McManus spoke up. It's one thing to try and shake up a table, but I prefer people to respect the game. However, with money on the line, you do what you have to to win. I'm sure Powers realizes he's outclassed, so his best bet is to shake up the competition.

8:17 pm CT
Suddenly Powers is the short stack. I think we missed a few hands in there. McManus bets with QTs. Powers calls with K8s. Could be a fun showdown. The flop is 7-3-4 rainbow. Both check. The turn is a 7, giving McManus a spade draw. Powers bets and McManus calls. The river is a 5 of diamonds. Powers bets and McManus just calls. Hmmm... should have been a fold or a raise. Can't call with a Q high. And Powers is letting him hear about it.

8:19 pm CT
Hennigan tells everyone Powers is "good for poker." Maybe he's been reading our blog about villains. Now Powers is out in the hall talking with spectators. Funny. Powers is now out on the sidewalk telling his stories. Amazing. Meantime Hennigan and McManus are discussing the merits of Power's game. It's like Otis' blog post on ESPN! Powers love the camera.

8:21 pm CT
Powers is on his way back after getting off the phone. It's folded to Powers who raises with A4s. Chiu re-raises with K9. Powers re-raises and Chiu calls. The flop is 6-3-J. Powers checks and Chiu bets. Powers calls. The turn is a T giving Chiu a straight draw. Chiu bets and Powers calls. The river is a 4. Chiu bets and Powers calls. It's another pot and Powers strategy is clearly paying off. The table is not playing well. At least ESPN is making them seem like bad players.

8:23 pm CT
Commercial. My Phils are still tied. They've got a runner on 2nd with 2 out in the 8th.

8:26 pm CT
McManus bets his pocket 6's. Powers will likely bet. He's got Q7s again. And they're clubs again. Powers calls. The flop is 9-7-6. Powers checks and McManus bets. Powers raises and McManus re-raises. Powers raises again. McManus just calls. Powers is in trouble. The turn is a 4 and McManus can't be beat. Powers bets and McManus raises. Powers calls. The river is a deuce. Powers checks. Hey, what slowed him down? McManus bets and Powers calls. Not smart play by Powers, but it was bound to happen.

8:28 pm CT
It's time for the John Hennigan profile. He's called "Johnny World." Cool nickname. He's also a top-notch pool player. I hope I don't run into him in a bar. He's an action junkie. I can relate.

8:29 pm CT
Sjavik looks at Q8s, and it's the first time we see him play. Powers is all-in with J9s. I think we're about to say goodbye to Mr. Powers. Hennigan calls with K4s. McManus calls with 62 from the SB. Tran is also in with 64. The flop is 7-4-Q. Powers likely can't beat 4 other players. Hennigan bets his pair of 4's. McManus folds. Tran calls with his pair of 4's. Sjavik actually folds top pair. Wow. The turn is an 8 and Powers picks up a big draw. It's checked around and the river is an A. Powers is done. It's check-check and Hennigan gets the pot. Powers is out in 7th. I'm glad he's done, his act wore thin.

8:32 pm CT
Commercial. My Phils actually knocked that run in from 2nd and lead going to the top of the 9th. Tim Worrell is on the mound for the save with Billy Wagner injured, and he promptly gives up a lead-off double. Typical. Hold on a sec! The next batter hits into a fielder's choice, and the runner is out at third. That's better!

8:35 pm CT
We peak at the outer tables at the $3000 NLHE tourney. We get a peak at Johnny Chan, Annie Duck and Daniel Negreanu. Oh, look... Ben Affleck is also playing.

8:36 pm CT
Gallagher raises with the Hilton Sisters. Sjavik calls with A4. Chiu also calls with KJ. The flop is 8-7-T. Gallagher bets all-in. Sjavik calls with his A. Chiu calls with his gutshot straight draw. The turn is a 5. It's checked. The river is a deuce and Gallagher wins the pot. She's still alive.

8:38 pm CT
It's time for the Patty Gallagher profile and she tells us she's a bitch. Okay. If she says so. We also learn she talks like a sailor. Guess she has to fit in somehow...

8:39 pm CT
Joined in progress... Sjavik is all-in and I bet he's on his way out. The river gives Hennigan a win and Sjavik is out in 6th.

8:40 pm CT
Chiu sees J9s and moves all-in. Gallagher sees pocket 7s and calls from the SB. McManus has Q4s and he calls from the BB. The flop is 4-5-7. Gallagher is in great shape and she checks. McManus also checks. The turn is an 8 and Chiu has a straight and flush draw. Gallagher bets and McManus has to fold bottom pair. The river is the A of spades and Chiu is out in 5th. That's another dangerous player gone.

8:41 pm CT
Commercial. And I find my optimism was misplaced. After the fielder's choice, the Phils gave up a walk, a double, an error and a walk. It's 1st and 3rd with the Rockies up 4-3 and just one out. Phils suck.

8:44 pm CT
We're down to 4. McManus bets A5. Gallagher calls from the BB with T9s. The flop is 8-T-T. Great flop for Gallagher. She checks, hoping to trap McManus again. McManus bets, Gallagher cold calls. The turn is a 5 and that's bad news for McManus even though he gets his 5. Gallagher checks again. McManus bets again and Gallagher raises. Alarm!! Alarm!! McManus calls all-in, knowing he's in trouble. When the hands are flipped, he sees he's drawing dead and goes out in 4th. Gallagher is on a roll!

8:46 pm CT
It's a check on the outer tables and Ben Affleck is busted out. Maybe we'll see him at a final table some day. He's being taught by Annie Duke, that can't be all bad! It's time for "The Nuts." Phil Hellmuth is telling us how to sniff out a bluff. This is fun. It's a lie detector test with Norm Chad. We learn amazing facts about Norm Chad and the fact Phil can't tell what's true and what's not. Eventually, Phil gives up. I think he's better reading at the poker table!

8:48 pm CT
Tran bets JT. Gallagher calls from the BB with 75s. The flop is 8-9-A. Two straight draws but Tran is in much better shape. Tran bets, Gallagher raises, Tran re-raises, Gallagher calls. A couple of pot stealers. The turn is a 7 and Tran gets his straight. Tran bets and Gallagher calls. The river is a 5 and Gallgher gets two pair. That's bad luck. Gallagher bets, Tran raises and Gallagher calls. Big pot for Tran.

8:50 pm CT
Commercial. The Phils get out of the inning without any more damage on a fly out double play that lists as: L Gonzalez flied into double play, left to center to pitcher to second, V Castilla doubled off third. That's weird. Left fielder caught it and threw it to the center fielder? The pitcher, then second and he's doubled off third? Guess I'll have to see the replay. [Ed. Note: Should have recognized the typical mistake. There was no double play. It was a sac fly and Castilla scored. It ended up being the winning run.]

8:53 pm CT
Gallagher is short-stacked and bets KQ. Tran calls with 65s. The flop is 2-3-4 and Tran has four leaf clovers coming out of his ears. Tran checks, to trap Gallagher and she bets. Tran calls. The turn is a T. Tran checks again and Gallagher bets. Tran raises and Gallagher has to go all-in. When the cards are flipped she realizes she's drawing dead and out in 3rd. Trapped twice by Tran. She leaves by giving everyone the double-bird. That's gotta be a first for a WSOP final table.

8:55 pm CT
It's heads up time, Hennigan and Tran both looking for bracelet #2. Hennigan bets A9. Tran raises with KQ, figuring he's got the better hand. Hennigan calls. The flop 2-7-2. Where's the HAMMER when you need it!?! Tran bets and Hennigan calls. The turn is an 8. Both players now have a strong spade draw, but Hennigan's is better. Tran bets and Hennigan raises. Good play. Great read. Tran calls, hoping for a spade. The river is the 4 of spades and Tran is in big, big trouble. Tran bets and Hennigan raises. Tran re-raises figuring his K is a winner. Now Hennigan is worried about the boat and just calls. Big pot for Hennigan. Tough break for Tran.

8:57 pm CT
Tran is seriously short-stacked now. Hennigan is about to win this one. Tran is in the BB and goes all-in in the dark. Hennigan calls in the dark. And here we go. Hennigan looks at J8 and Tran Q7. The flop is 7-6-J and Hennigan is way out in front. The turn is a 6 and the river is a T. Tran is out and Hennigan wins the title. Well played.

9:00 pm CT
It's time for Omaha. But instead of live-blogging it, I'm going to go play some poker of my own. Enjoy watching! It should be fun because Daniel Negreanu is facing Howard Lederer. I hope they make it to the end!

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