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Poker Blog established in 2003 as the first stop for poker news, poker stories, and bad poker advice.

April 1, 2008

I Return To The Felt...And Fight With Friends

by G-Rob

Hello dear blogging world! I've missed you terribly. You know, according to this blogging widget we're using here I haven't posted since the middle of February. Kinda pathetic methinks.

I've made a commitment to change that from here on out. We'll see how that holds.

So how does a one-time frequent blogger return to the page? By fighting with his good friends of course!

So I'm in a pot with BadBlood and Gucci Rick. I've had a decent night and I've made a little. One orbit earlier I'd announced I'd be leaving on my next buttton and this was to be the second to last hand.

I'm dealt 6d6s and because I've built my stack through (mostly) aggressive play I open it UTG for $12.

Badblood calls in Middle Position. Gucci Rick calls from the Small Blind.

The flop is Kc 6h 3c. For the slower reader, I have a set.

Gucci Rick checks so I lead out for $40. BadBlood smooth calls and then, oddly, GucciRick check-raises to $140.

Without much hesitation, I push for another $500.

Badblood says "FOLD" and everyone at the table hears him do it.

Then GucciRick says, "I almost folded to the $40!"

The dealer, Rick is in the 1s, hears him say that and misunderstands. He mucks Rick's hand.

I SEE Rick's hand get mucked and also thought I heard Rick fold so I then allow MY hand to get mucked as well.

Now we have a problem. Rick protests. BadBlood makes the initial argument that because he's the only one who still has cards, he is entitled to some of the pot. Rick says I can't win because, while his cards were accidentally mucked....MINE WERE TOO.

I have to have cards to win the pot.

I didn't argue much because these are my friends, but I strongly believe I'm entitled to this entire pot.

We ended up chopping it between me and Rick.

Here's a 2+2 Thread BadBlood posted about it. I'd be interested in your responses.

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