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Poker Blog established in 2003 as the first stop for poker news, poker stories, and bad poker advice.

April 18, 2004

Does He Have an Overpair?

by Luckbox

It was my second attempt at the Poker Journal Keeper's NL Texas Hold 'Em tournament on Planet Poker, generously organized by Felicia Lee. Apparently most bloggers have become frightened of the talent because they all stayed home!!!

Come on, grow a pair and get in the game. This week, we had just 8 players. I'm a little disappointed in our blogger community for not making a better showing.

Now on to the action...

First marginal hand I get is the 6-7 of hearts. I simply call the big blind of 50 and the big blind is the only one who stays. The flop comes Q-J-7, no hearts. I’ve got bottom pair and for some reason I bet 50. Anxious for action? It gets raised to 150, and even more inexplicably, I call. The turn is a 10. I figure I’m in deep now anyway, maybe I can buy it. I bet 400, and, mercifully, the other player folds.

Next playable hand is the A-7 of hearts. I merely call the big blind of 50. Why didn’t I raise? Limping in begs for someone to steamroll me. The flop doesn’t hit me and when the other player bets big, I simply fold.

A little later it’s my first of many premium hands. Pocket rockets. It’s raised to 200 in front of me and I re-raise to 300. The original raiser is the only caller. The flop comes J-10-6 rainbow. He bets 100 and I raise to 600. He folds.

Next premium hand is a pair of J’s. It’s raised to 200 in front of me, I re-raise to 300 and gpoker calls. The flop is 6-7-10, two hearts. I go all-in (I don’t want to encourage anyone to chase a flush). gpoker calls with 10-8 of clubs. He’s got top pair and an inside straight draw. The turn and river both bring a Q, and gpoker is first out. We’re down to seven and I’m up to 3375.

A little later, it’s American Airlines again. It’s raised to 200 in front of me, and I re-raise to 400 and the original raiser calls. The flop is 10-7-6, two hearts (same as with my jacks!). I go all-in, and he folds. I’m up to 3925.

Next I get some pretty ladies in the big blind, but everyone folds and my Q’s don’t do me much good.

Next time I get QQ on the button and I raise from 150 to 450 and they all fold. Punks.

Soon I get 66 and call a raise. I don’t hit the flop at all and it’s full of overcards, so I fold to a big bet.

I get a pair of J’s again and I raise to 400. Maudie goes all-in for 850 behind me and I call. She’s got K-J off, and my pair holds up when the board shows A-6-6-5-2. Maudie is second to go and we’re down to 6.

Finally, someone else knocks someone out when Felicia’s A-9 knocks off Chris’s K-Q when no one pairs and we’re down to 5.

Later I get a pocket pair of 8’s. I raise pre-flop and get called by minorthird. The flop is Q-5-6. He bets big and I stop and think. Does he have the Q? He called my raise, so he’s probably got big cards. My gut is screaming re-raise all-in, but I fold. I wonder what he had.

Next minorthird knocks out Decker for a huge pot and we’re down to 4.

My next playable hand is A-8 off. The flop is 6-7-8, two clubs. minorthird bets big and this time I don’t let him bully me. I go all-in and he folds. It’s a big pot for me.

Later, I get A-J off. It’s raised from 200 to 400 in front of me, and I re-raise to 800. It’s called behind me by minorthird and called again by the original raiser. The flop is J-x-x rainbow. It’s a perfect flop for me. minorthird bets big again, and I stop to think. He already knows he can bully me, but he also knows that I’m willing to come back over the top. He called my raise so he’s got a hand. Is it also A-J? It could be just K-J, he'd play that hard. For a moment “overpair” flashed before my eyes. I raise all-in and he calls. He’s got Q-Q. I’m down to just 100.

Next hand I get pocket 6’s and bet my 100. Someone catches a straight on the river, and I’m out, in 4th place.

A little later, minorthird thinks RicksCafe has been bullying him and calls with bottom pair. RicksCafe, however, has top pair and minorthird is out. I blame myself. Shortly after asking who would end up on the bubble (top two paid), I mentioned minorthird is a shark for playing well two weeks in a row (finished second last week).

RicksCafe has a significant stack advantage and eventually knocks Felicia out. Congrats to Rick for the big win!

I feel I played well, but I was also blessed with a series of premium hands (Rockets twice, QQ twice, JJ twice), although they were all relatively early. I bought a pot very early, which is uncharacteristic of me. And I was inconsistent towards to end on reading whether I was being bullied or if I should run from the pot. However, I don't think I would have played that next to last hand any other way.

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